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We’ve got no interest in being caricatures of the American Marriage ™. We work hard to keep our marriage healthy, fulfilling, and gospel-centered.

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The thought of staying in the same place for too long gives me hives. There’s so much world to see! I explore somewhere new at every available opportunity.

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Service, creativity, learning, wellness, food, fashion, and entertainment: the elements we fill our day-to-day with contribute to our overall lifestyle.

I Always Seem to Be Making Conversation.

My husband jokes that I have an invisible sticker on my forehead that says, “Hello, please tell me your life story.” For whatever reason, people seem comfortable opening up to me – bank tellers, grocery store cashiers, and flight attendants alike.

Sometimes, my heart reaction tells me I don’t have time for all that. But when I put my selfishness aside, it’s actually a pretty cool gift. Hearing about strangers’ lives gives me a chance to empathize, provide creative insights, and share about the hope that is in me. Openness is intimate, and intimacy can lead to strength and transformation. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

I may not be destined to deliver messages from under glowing stage lights or to cut multi-million dollar book deals, but God has gifted me to teach. He’s gifted me to write. As it turns out, life on the receiving end of vulnerability has inspired me. I’ve created Meghan Conversation as a platform to share whatever God’s working on in me, to spark joy and inspiration, and to hold me accountable to keep moving forward. Maybe in the mix, He’ll even produce something of value.

Hold onto your butts, folks. I’ve got a lot to say.

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Hi! I'm Meghan.
Hi! I’m Meghan.

Hailing from a small town in the fjords of British Columbia, I love to extend further than I can reach. I live for Jesus and talk about Him the most (though my husband takes a very close second). I love to learn, to teach what I know, and to help others achieve their goals. I care about biblical literacy, people, ideas, and excellence. Follow along!